Month: January 2016

P1C – Sentence Surgeons!

We have enjoyed mending our sentences and sticking them back together! 


Scotland Week

Last week, we learned all about Scotland. We did some Scottish dancing and even made our own kilts for a very special display.

Once upon a time a dragon visited P1C…

We all love our new fairyland topic. It all started with a letter from a dragon…

We had a discussion about what we could do to help. We made a class mind map…
Then the fairy left us a note!
So we decided to make her lots of friends! And sprinkled fairy dust so they would come to life!! Some of them are a bit naughty and fly about our classroom! 
Today we all worked together to make Jack a new beanstalk! Luckily the fairy gave us more fairy dust so we could sprinkle it on our beanstalk before we went home… 

We are having so much fun and learning lots of new things! I wonder what will happen tomorrow?!

P1C – MacSween Haggis

We are all very grateful that George’s dad came to visit us today. He told us all about his haggis – and also gave us some to try! We asked lots of great questions and enjoyed learning new things about haggis. A great start to our scots week!