Month: September 2015

P1C – News Time!

Ellie, Isla, Daisy and Ella all had things to share with the class today… We enjoy sharing our news with each other! 


Dinosaur Fun in P1b

We had lots of fun doing all things dinosaur! Dressing up, small world toys, puzzles, creating our own dinosaurs on our interactive whiteboard and even making our very own dinosaur. Keep a look out for them appearing on our hallway display soon!

Teddy Bear Week in P1a and P1b

We had great fun last week learning all about bears! We met a panda, build homes for the three bears, made gummy bears and paw biscuits and invited our teddies in for a delicious picnic. We even helped find Rainbow Bear who had gone on a little adventure. Our binoculars helped us spot him!

P1C – PE

We had so much fun during PE today – we are learning to travel around the hall safely and in different ways all while trying to stay in our space bubbles!