P4A’s great day out!

Today P4A had a fabulous trip to Bo’ness and Kinneil Railway. We visited the museum and enjoyed a trip on the steam train. It was a lovely adventure and we even managed some lunch on the train. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make the cut for First Class although the children were exceptionally well behaved. We learned about locomotives and how they have changed over time. James Watt is one of the many famous Scots and inventors that we have been learning about. A great day had by all!


Goodbye Miss Fraser

P4A and Ms Walker really enjoyed having Miss Fraser around for the past few weeks. We wish Miss Fraser the very best and we hope that she comes back to visit us again soon. Thank you Miss Fraser!

P4A enjoy a Roman Feast! 

Earlier today we had a lovely time sharing lots of learning with our parents and grandparents to celebrate the end of a tremendous Roman learning experience. The children excelled themselves – well done! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who managed to come and join us. We had a super time! 

Latin in P4A

A BIG thank you to Anna Bell for coming in to teach us some Latin – the children (and Miss Walker) had a tremendous time. We enjoyed drawing similarities and comparisons to the English language. This supported our learning of the Romans. Thank you to Bridget’s mum for organising! 

P4B Measure Up!

P4B went outdoors for maths today and chose objects to estimate how long they were. They then measured these to check how close their estimate was to the correct measurement. Objects chosen included rhubarb, flower pots, watering cans, leaves, nettles and a ladybug*! Great to get outside for some hands-on maths.





*No ladybugs were harmed in the making of this lesson!

Outdoor Learning

P4A have been learning about the Celts and today they built miniature roundhouses. They worked in small groups to gather, design and build their roundhouses. Great discussion and tremendous teamwork ensured successful learning. Great job kids!

We are unique!

P4A have been learning that everyone has similarities and differences but we are all unique. It was lovely to hear the children shouting out positive comments to their classmates about what they feel makes that person unique. Working in groups, they then created a unique friend by drawing a different part of the body and sticking the parts together. Finally they thought about what makes them special and proud. I have to say I was proud as punch – what a brilliant class! Ellie and Mariella enjoyed sharing their learning at assembly today.